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Sleeping Pad - Sleep Pad

 Material type of sleeping pad is made from polyurethane foam. Most direction tensile strength must be at least 3 kgf / cm2.

The original form of the sleeping pad standing in gasoline, lubricants, detergents and soaps solution. After the tongitudinal direction tensile strength, tear strength in the width direction of at least 4, 5 kgf / cm2 should be.

Terms of width and length, elongation at break values. Width direction for tensile strength must be at least 100% of the specified conditions.

At 10% compression, compression strength 0,15- 0.3 kgf / cm2 should be between.

Strength at 25% compression should be 0.3 to 0. 6 kgf / cm2. 50% compression. strength should be  0.6 to 1.2 kgf / cm2. The thickness must be at least 12 mm. After 25% compression, hold it for 24 hours to a free state. When  checked again, the thickness should be no more than 20% loss.

Density ratio should be at most 60 kg / m3. Water absorption maximum of 1.5%.

Sleeping pad attached to the material of the ring, at least 65% copper, should remainder zinc. With Sleeping Pad is given 2 connecting the lane. Texture of the strip is made as a flat strip of narrow fabric. The type of material is polypropylene or polyamide or polyester Width must be 2-3 cm. Length must be at least 100 cm. Universal and commercial color fastness to washing. at least 3 in flow, fading must be at least 3. Friction against color fastness should be 3 in dry,  at least 3 in the wet. Between the pad with the ring attached to sleeping pad below the pad and above, it must be plastic seal.