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What are the Characteristics of Education camouflage uniform?

Training uniform camouflage has two pockets with bellows on each breast . Upper front pocket diameter, 6 cm. The width of the pocket 13 cm, length 17 cm. Standing zipper pocket on the left side, it is increase the use of cell space.

It has three snaps button on the pocket. Top left pocket over 11 cm long, 9 cm long and has a pocket again.

Left pocket sewn into the zipper measure of size 14 cm x 5 cm.

feature of Mobile. It is used in two dimensions. The diameter of the pocket at the lower portion shielding cover both sides of the uniform width 6 cm, formed from two layers of fabric. The width of the pocket in the front part are made from 16 cm height 20 cm.

Located in the interior and on the left side of uniform small pocket is provided with only one switch closed.

Camouflage two pockets sewn to the front of the upper body of the uniform. exterior pocket, three punch buttons, seen six more punch button on the inside of the pocket. Each pockets contains two bellows.

zipper pocket on the side of a very special hidden pockets.

Left pocket is located on velcro. Camouflage Uniform rear body of the jacket is made from a single piece of fabric.

Camouflage Uniform unlined. To narrow the handle end of the arm portion. part sleeve cuffs measure 8 cm in height 5 cm, was applied to narrow planting button.

Other side of the collar in camouflage uniforms made using two layers of fabric is made from two layers of fabric 5 cm wide.

Camouflage uniform longitudinally from the front of the piece of tape in two layer fabric, height 73 cm, width 5 cm, so that the strip is sewn pat.

7 buttons and zippers sewn so as to be seen on the front of the secret.

zipper camouflage colors in the interior of the strip. Button is sewn to the inner part. Top of the camouflage suit lace hem is passed to the bier.

The collar is made in two layers of fabric from the other side. epaulettes sewn on the shoulders of camouflage uniform jacket.

measurement of epaulette, length of 15 cm and a width of 5 cm. button located at the end of the epaulettes.

Waist trousers of the same fabric as the camouflage uniform, buttoned to the front part to be arched two-fold is made in fabric.

Pants side there are three punch buttons on their mobile. Measure pants pocket size 14 cm x 5 cm.

There are accessories as well as buckled strip at the top of the pocket.

There are two side pockets with bellows leg. Bellows width dimensions of the pockets 18 cm length 21 cm. Measure the width of the triangular flap 7 cm.

three punch buttons located at the top of the pocket. Provided the narrowing leg with laces on the ends of trouser legs of Camouflage Uniforms